Lessons in Life

Money Does Not Buy Happiness !

No one knows what the future will hold – If we did we would probably all change some of the key decisions we have made in our lives.

Even celebrities hit rock bottom in their relationships from time to time. For them, its posted all over social media, the news and papers.  Adding even more stress to an already challenging time in your life.

Imagine having all of your life exposed for the WHOLE world to see. Owning a healthy bank balance does not give you protection from divorce! It is hard to forget all of the hurt caused during and before the divorce, however never forget what it has taught you.

It can be hard to appreciate this – but we all change through the process of divorce, it’s not something we can stop.  And much of the change can be for the better.

  • We may stop worrying about what others think about us
  • Spend more time with friends we lost contact with
  • Revamp our image
  • Kickstart a healthy eating program
  • Pick a new hobby…..

The list goes on and on. At the time this may be a coping strategy, something to detract you from the real pain of the divorce.  I guess the most important aspect of the divorce process is to find yourself a pair of bookends. Not literally – but to know who your go-to friends are – the ones you can call any time of day, the ones who will not judge you when you burst into tears for no apparent reason.  You quickly find out who you can depend on.

Lord knows I had lots of coping strategies – some better than others. There were times when I didn’t even want to leave my bed and it felt like I had used a years supply of kleenex in one day. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and looking back on those dark times – I had more days when I didn’t cope. Sadly I did not have the confidence to share these feelings of despair with anyone as I was worried people would judge me. Think I was a failure, wouldn’t understand how I felt.  Instead of focusing on what I could do to help myself – I was too obsessed with what other people might be thinking about me.

If you find you too have days like this – give me a call and let’s put some of your demons to rest and build a plan of action that gives you your life back.

Look forward to speaking with you soon

Debbie x



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