I was born in 1969 attended the local primary and secondary school with many of my childhood friends.  The first failure in life that I remember was failing my A-levels when I was 18!  I was too interested in working and spending time with my boyfriend.

Much to my parent’s disappointment, I had to resit my A-levels. I was restricted to which Universities I could apply to as my grades -well they were not too good. I went to uni as it was expected that this was the natural step for me after school. If I am being honest I went to keep my parents happy, I wanted to get out into the big wide world and earn money

But I bowed to their life experience and went. Not for long though I started in Sept and by the following January I was back home 🙁  I hated it, was homesick, missed my then boyfriend – sad but true. My big brother rescued me – I called him one day in tears – he drove down to Northampton packed me and my stuff up and brought me home to Stockport.  We visited my parents for all of 5 mins to say I was leaving Uni and I then spent the night at his house after an evening of far too many pints of guinness and black. He was my knight in shining armour – he helped me make the first big step in my life of doing something for me.  This would not be the only time he helped me out in life 🙂 He is a star.

It’s very easy in life to take action to keep everyone else in your contact sphere happy – sadly this causes you more grief.

I fell into banking as I needed to get a job quick and start paying my way at home. 1989 I started banking, by 2003 I left – couldn’t cope with the stress the job caused – or should I say I let it cause for me.  And I had also met the new love of my life, Andy.  As he was still in the army we were restricted as to how much time we could see each other.

During this period I was exposed to bullying in the workplace, sexism and mental torture – all the time thinking it was MY fault.  I was married in 1991 and divorced in 1998 – the 7-year itch. My daughter was born in 1993 and I suffered from severe post-natal depression – but didn’t realise or accept it was this until 2 years later. I knew my marriage was over but was not in a fit state to get out.

Again I felt those feelings of failure when I left uni, but knew this time it had to happen. Despite what everyone was telling me – Stay your daughter needs her father – I just couldnt forsee a future with someone I no longer loved. Sad but true.

So in 1997, I got myself a promotion that gave me the financial independence I needed to stand on my own two feet and set about building a future for myself and my daughter – aged 4 at the time. When I look back now I really cant imagine how I found the strength to do this. I had support from my family and close friends.  I worked hard from 1998 to 2003 when I decided to make my next crazy move in life!   To jump ship from the corporate world and go self-employed.

Fast track 14 years and here I am still helping others to help themselves. During this time I have

  • trained as a business coach
  • taken my practitioner certification in NLP
  • become a qualified image consultant
  • started more network marketing businesses than I care to admit
  • completed training in facials and beauty treatments
  • set up 3 different businesses
  • taken my Reiki 1 qualification

And now for the next chapter ……………… back to where I started Coaching. This is my true passion and I am at my happiest when I am able to help others with the challenges they face in their own lives.  I started my coaching business in 2004 working with divorcees but then went on to help small business owners. During this time I have helped over 200 individuals set up their own small businesses.

In the network marketing field, I had some major team successes – enabling 2 very close friends to change their own lives for the better and secure financial freedom. This has been such a rewarding part of my life.

I have met some amazing people and some – well let’s not go there. But every challenge I have faced has made me the person I am today.

Health for the past 5 years has been very challenging – 5 lumbar punctures / 2 MRI’s / Biopsies / CT scans and many more tests ……….  still no answers!  My business and my own sanity took a bashing, to say the least.

Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe this. In the past 2 years, I have made key changes to my life – managed to lose 3 stone in weight, keep this off. Learn to cook, exercise more. Treat myself to reiki and generally adopt a much happier lifestyle. How – I listened to the friends that came into my life at the right times.  Sometimes I didn’t want to hear the truth as it really hurt. But I couldn’t carry on the way I was.

So as 2017 starts to draw to an end – I cannot wait for 2018 as I know what the future holds…. how do I know this because you can make your dreams come true. I have this ability to think about things and then within 72 hours, they come true. I have always known from the first day I decided to become self-employed that I was here for a reason. To educate, guide, entertain, coach, mentor – whatever you call it. Helping others is my passion.

Be warned its infectious – once you start you cannot stop!  There are a few people out there who I won’t mention for confidentiality reasons, but you know who you are and you have helped me so much on this journey – I can’t begin to thank you all ! However, I will thank my now fiance for supporting me through the tough times , the crazy times and the deep dark times. And my daughter also for coping with all the stress I had in my life and for becoming the strong independent young lady she is.  Very clear in what she wants in life and leads the life she wants.  I could not ask for more 🙂

Keep doing what you are doing – If you are not happy with where you are – CHANGE – only you can do this . The world does not owe you a living !

Go out and be the person you dreamt of being when you were little. Children are free to play and make mistakes and so too are adults.

If at first you dont succeed – try try again.

If you have read this far !! Thank you for sticking with me

Live Every Moment

Laugh Every Day

And Love beyond words ………………….

Debs x

PS – if you are ready to change call me 0844 576 3322 or email complete our contact form 



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